Atlanta Braves Parade

Front page and picture page combo covering the 2021 Atlanta Braves World Series Parade. Thank you to Getty, AP and Reuters for supplying photos for these designs. For educational purposes only.

This front page and picture page combo was made from the 2021 Atlanta Braves world series win celebration parade that took place on Nov. 5. I wanted the first thing you see on the front page to be confetti to instantly get across to the viewer the celebration aspect of the story. It was a struggle finding the "perfect" photo for the front page, but after examining all my options this one draws you in the most and fits best with the story.

When designing the picture page I created a flow from the top to the bottom of the page, using directionals like the finger and the flow of the cars to guide the eyes throughout the page. I also made sure the headline and deck works with the pictures themselves to add a sense of cohesion and professionalism across all aspects of the page. Instead of trying to pack as many pictures as possible onto the page I used more white space on my page to allow some breathing room for every photo and create a balanced design. I made sure to put in as much visual variety as possible allowing for a dynamic viewing experience.


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